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Details Personalizing knowledge portals: Principles, requirements, methods

Personalizing Knowledge Portals Knowledge has been regarded as an important economic ressource in the past decades; numerous scientists and corporations are therefore engaged in knowledge management. However, corporations still face difficulties in ...

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Details Steve Jackson Games 1455 - Munchkin Cthulhu 4 - Crazed Caverns

The hunt for forbidden knowledge goes underground into the Crazed Caverns! Explore the Midden of the Mi-Go! Dig yourself out of the Dunwich Ditch! Brave the blue light of Kn-Yan! Munchkin Cthulhu 4 Crazed Caverns adds Portals and Dungeons (first seen ...

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Details Beyond Knowledge Management

Beyond Knowledge Management Beyond Knowledge Management provides a balance of conceptual and practical aspects of Knowledge Management, offering the opportunity for students and practitioners to understand and effectively consider knowledge management ...

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Details Knowledge Centric Management

[{ Knowledge Centric Management [ KNOWLEDGE CENTRIC MANAGEMENT BY Van Heghe, Hans ( Author ) May-25-2011[ KNOWLEDGE CENTRIC MANAGEMENT [ KNOWLEDGE CENTRIC MANAGEMENT BY VAN HEGHE, HANS ( AUTHOR ) MAY-25-2011 ] By Van Heghe, Hans ( Author )May-25-2011 ...

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Details Innovations of Knowledge Management

Innovations of Knowledge Management Innovations of Knowledge Management highlights the broad range of topics that fall under the term knowledge management, thus emphasizing the large role knowledge management plays in organizations. As a compilation ...

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Details Personal Knowledge Capital: The Inner and Outer Path of Knowledge Creation in a Web World (Chandos Information Professional)

Personal Knowledge Capital Personal Knowledge Capital explores how 'Eastern' and 'Western' management styles and approaches to knowledge creation can be integrated.

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Details Knowledge Landscapes North America (American Studies)

'Knowledge Landscapes North America' intervenes in current critical debates on concepts of knowledge and modes of knowledge production and circulation. As knowledge has been proclaimed an indispensable economic resource, scholarly and public ...

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Details The Uses of Knowledge: Selections from the Idea of a University (Crofts Classics)

The Uses of Knowledge This insightful selection, features four discourses from The Idea of a University: Knowledge Its Own End; Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Learning; Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Professional Skill; and Knowledge Viewed in ...

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Details Knowledge Managemenmt: Systems and Processes

Knowledge Management This new book approaches knowledge management (KM) from several perspectives: it spans electrical engineering, artificial intelligence, information systems, and business. Comprehensive yet clearly and concisely written, "Knowledge ...